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Internet Safety for Teens & Tweens

Dr Internet Safety is available to all offline & online media outlets (a.k.a., N.Y.S. licensed psychologist & iPredator author, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli). Given his mission is to increase awareness of technological predation, Dr. Internet Safety is volunteering his time to educate the public. 

Dr. Internet Safety (aka, Doc iSafety) is an abstract pediatric internet safety character that educates tweens, teens and adult caregivers on cyberbullying, cyber harassment and cyberstalking prevention, online sexual predator identification, cyber security, the dark side of cyberspace and developmentally appropriate iPredator concepts. Doc iSafety is Developmental Psychology and adolescent maturation savvy in relationship to Information Age tweens and teens.

Dr. Internet Safety (aka, Doc iSafety) accepts and communicates to children supporting their perceptual distortion of viewing themselves as being more technology, social media and cyber safety skilled than their adult counterparts. From a sociological standpoint, Dr. Internet Safety seeks to make all K-12 educational systems include internet safety classes compulsory for all American school districts. Lastly, Dr. Internet Safety has graduate level experience in iPredator profiling, cyber deception and the Information Age Education triad of Humility, Prevention Education and non-denominational Family Values.



Children of the 21st century are enamored by the novelty of the Information Revolution. Adults, parents & educators are equally intrigued, as well as, unprepared for this societal paradigm shift centralized around Information and Communications Technology (ICT). To slow the harm to children and all ICT users, Dr. Internet Safety is announcing his availability free to all offline & online media sources (aka, NYS licensed psychologist & iPredator author, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli).

Given iPredator Inc.’s mission is to increase awareness of technological predation, Dr. Internet Safety is volunteering his time to educate the public. The moniker, Dr. Internet Safety educates all age ranges, but specializes in educating parents, children and adolescents using “net lingo”, Information Age developmental psychology and family dynamics.

As ICT continues to become a growing thread in the fabric of all nations, the people using these billions of electronic and digital devices must learn to identify, at a minimum, the iPredator. The veil of anonymity afforded to all ICT users is taken for granted when used by those engaging in malevolent and nefarious activities. It is for this reason that diligent caution must be practiced.

“Pathological human narcissism transforms the actions of deceit, denial & misrepresentation into a reliable set of tools for those seeking to hide their indiscretions.” Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. iPredator Inc. (2013)

Child abuse, whether perpetrated by a child or adult, is detrimental to all aspects of their development following them into adulthood. Stated by Dr. Nuccitelli,Dr. Internet Safety was developed to hinder the natural instincts of children to rebel against adults attempting to teach them a cautious approach to ICT. Instead of Dr. Nuccitelli educating the community on iPredator dynamics and tech. predator profiling, Dr. Internet Safety discusses how “uncool” & “immature” it is to tweet or post how fat, ugly or stupid a fellow student is in their Facebook profile.

Topics Doc iSafety is adept at discussing include cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cyber harassment, cybercrime, online sexual predation, internet culture, mobile device safety, ICT relationship dynamics, cyber psychology & regional/national criminal news involving all forms of ICT. Dr. Nuccitelli has created a variety of creative templates to use by broadcast & internet radio and online & offline print media including “Ask Dr. Internet Safety”, “Dr. Internet Safety’s Top 10 List” and “On the Cyber Couch with Dr. Internet Safety” to name a few. In return for Dr. Internet Safety’s time and services, Dr. Nuccitelli requests that the host encourages their readers, listeners or viewers to contact them with stories, news and ideas that focus on internet safety.

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Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is a NYS licensed psychologist, cyberpsychology researcher and online safety educator. In 2009, Dr. Nuccitelli finalized his dark side of cyberspace concept called iPredator. Since 2010, he has advised those seeking information about cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cybercriminal minds, internet addiction and his Dark Psychology concept. By day Dr. Nuccitelli is a practicing psychologist, clinical supervisor and owner of MN Psychological Services, PLLC. After work and on the weekends, he volunteers helping online users who have been cyber-attacked. Dr. Nuccitelli’s is always available to interested parties and the media at no cost. This website and everything created by Dr. Nuccitelli is educational, free and public domain.



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